Nucs - 2021

**Note: We most likely will not have Nucs available for purchase in 2021. Our primary Nuc / Queen rearing yard was wiped out in a flash flood so this year's Nucs will all be rebuilding what we lost. Hope to be back in 2022!**

Our nucleus colonies (nucs) are created in the spring from our locally over-wintered colonies, ensuring the bees we sell are suited to Virginia's climate. The colonies are inspected by the Virginia State Apiarist to ensure they are healthy and disease free prior to pickup. Each nuc includes:

Nucs will be ready for pickup or delivery 2-3 weeks after purchase, depending on weather and how quickly they build up. We will not let them go until we are confident they are ready! Once your nuc is ready, we will contact you to arrange a day and time to transfer the frames into your equipment. This will include a full inspection where you will see the queen and all stages of brood from eggs to larvae to capped brood.

Pickup Instructions

Once you have been given a date and time to pickup your nuc, you will need to bring the following items with you: Once the bees have been inspected and transferred into your equipment, I will close off the lower entrance with duct tape unless you have a moving / robbing screen.

Optional Delivery / Installation

If you would like us to deliver and install your nuc for you, please select 'Delivery' in the checkout form below. You will simply need to setup your empty hive on a suitable stand in your apiary and we'll take care of the rest. We will deliver bees within a 20 mile radius for a $50 fee.

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